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Norfolk working on tax decrease


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NORFOLK — While final numbers are still being compiled, the town of Norfolk is anticipating not only a zero-percent increase for the next fiscal year, but is actually forecasting a 2-percent reduction from the 2008-09 fiscal year. The first draft of the 2009-10 budget was presented at the town’s Board of Finance meeting Tuesday, March 10.

The 2008-09 Norfolk municipal operating budget is $3,373,948. First Selectman Susan Dyer said on Tuesday that she is forecasting a reduction in the amount of $68,000, or 2 percent. Anticipated zero-percent increases to the Northwestern Regional School District budget, which includes the town’s middle and high schools, and Botelle Elementary School’s budget will also keep taxes down for residents in 2009-10. Norfolk’s current mill rate is 27.82, which is expected to change pending finalization from the 2008 revaluation.

"The reductions occurred mainly in not having a [line item] for a physical revaluation for the coming fiscal year and an extension of a sewer line," said Dyer. While she added that some of the previous year’s expenses did increase, such as insurance, the reductions outweighed the increases and she is confident that the budget will come in lower than last year’s approved budget.

"It is still too early to commit to any finalized figures since there are still some unconfirmed budget figures that have yet to be submitted. We still hope that once some of the finalized figures come in, it will still be less than last year’s bottom line," said Dyer.

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