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Pine Plains and Millerton face off in semifinals

PINE PLAINS — The Millerton Colonial baseball team ended its season in a semifinal game against Pine Plains on Monday afternoon with a loss of 15-0.

The game was played at Stissing Mountain High School, but was almost called off due to the questionable condition of the field after Sunday’s rain storm.

"I’m quite disappointed," Millerton coach Ron Wilson said about the game. "But at least they made it. It was a positive twist to the end of a season where they did very well. Overall, they had a very good regular season with a record of six wins and five losses. They can be proud of that."

Both teams seemed to enjoy playing on Monday during the playoffs.

Millerton player Tyler Smith said the team did better than previous seasons.

"We got some new players this year and it worked," Smith said. "The last few games we’ve been down in the first innings but we’ve come back. I’m sure something will happen."

Millerton player Andrew Milano said he liked playing for the team this year.

"It has been fun and everyone gets along," Milano said. "It’s been pretty good."

Bob Harpp, Pine Plains coach, said the season has been good to his team.

"We have a very good group of young men," Harpp said. "We have had a lot of fun and it’s been a successful season. It’s an interesting mix of players of different age groups. You have players from Little League who are 13 and guys who are 16. It’s been interesting seeing them interact."

Pine Plains player Corey Weaver said he is impressed with the way his team was playing on Monday.

"Hey, we’re winning, it’s a good game," Weaver said. "We only had two losses, so we have a pretty solid team."

Player Chris Horne said the team has had a great season.

"Everybody has matured since the start of the season," Horn said. "Everybody is really balanced and we have a really strong team."

The team won eight games and only lost two during the season.

The Pine Plains team will now continue to play in the finals. The next game has not been scheduled as of press time.

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