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A trifecta of remembrances - and some fun as well

CORNWALL —  A trinity of Memorial Day services started at 9 a.m. at the North Cornwall Cemetery, where there was a decoration of veterans’ gravestones.

The events then moved to the West Cornwall Covered Bridge to honor and remember seamen in a memorial service.  

At 11 a.m., the parade began at Hubbard Field and made its way to the Village Green. Viewers congregated on the Green and across the street at Town Hall to listen as Ralph C. Gold led the ceremonies.  

Wendy Kennedy delivered the address.  She spoke of freedom, loyalty and the opportuntites that Americans have.  She expressed the view that while one may not wholeheartedly believe in the war, after serving, veterans return feeling a greater sense of patriotism.  

Amid the parade activities, the fire department and ambulance were called away to serve their community.  It seems fitting that they were called to do their duty while remembering those who have died doing theirs in the past.   

The flag was raised, “Taps” was played, and a salutary round was fired.  The Rev. Micki Nunn-Miller closed the ceremony with her benediction.  

The Cornwall Consolidated School Band, let by Alicia Sominetti-Shpur, provided the musical accompaniment for the ceremonies.   

After the service ended, the crowd moved to the United Church of Christ for the annual Memorial Day carnival, complete with food, games and hay rides. Flowers and plants were sold to benefit the Cornwall Children’s Center. Some proceeds from the carnival also went to the United Church of Christ.

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