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Road sign lights up again

BARKHAMSTED — A flashing warning sign on Ripley Hill Road (Route 318) is once again in working order.

Several months ago it was brought to the first selectman’s attention that the signal at the bottom of the windy hill was not in working order and had been out of service for "a significant period of time."

According to Stein, an electrical line broke between the sign and an electric pole and had never been fixed. What caused the damage is unknown.

"In the interest of safety, I contacted the state, CL&P and an electrical contractor," said Stein. After some deliberation, the state determined the sign was the responsibility of the town of Barkhamsted. Upon notification, Stein coordinated a repair plan with an electrical contractor and CL&P to make the necessary repairs over the course of the past month.

Ripley Hill Road was the center of much debate during last year’s selectman’s race.

Due to its steepness, Ripley Hill Road been the subject of concern among residents. Richard Winn, a candidate for selectman in 2007, spearheaded a campaign to reroute truck traffic off Route 318 due to safety concerns, noting the location of Barkhamsted Elementary School and town offices at the bottom of the hill. A decision to reroute traffic ultimately falls on the state Department of Transportation.

— Gina L. Sartirana

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