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Borden Park vandalized


AMENIA — Vandals struck Borden Park on Tuesday, Feb. 19, damaging the park area and causing damage to two picnic tables.


According to Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office Deputy TJ Hanlon, the culprits drove into the park area and spun out their tires on the lawn.

"We don’t have sufficient evidence to determine the identities of the suspects," Hanlon said.

At first it was thought that the vandals were on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), but at last Thursday’s Town Board meeting, Highway Superintendent Stanley Whitehead said the culprit was driving a pickup truck.

"It’s sad because we spent a lot of time and effort to fix up the park," town Supervisor Wayne Euvrard said at the meeting. "It’s discouraging."

"I suggested last year that we put lights down there because it’s obvious people are partying down there," Councilwoman Victoria Perotti said. "We got six bags of garbage out of the parking lot alone and it was beer bottles and things like that, so a light of some sort that comes on when someone gets there [would be good]."

The vandals also damaged two benches on two of the picnic tables at the park.

After the meeting, Councilwoman Vicki Doyle, who has been involved in several town beautification projects, including several at Borden Park, said the cost to repair the tables and regrade the lawn will not be too substantial.

"It will not be an outrageous cost to replace a few [picnic table] boards and we were going to regrade the lawn anyway," Doyle said. "It’s just upsetting to me that someone would cause this damage. People now have their eyes wide open when it comes to this kind of nonsense and we will intercept them next time they try."

Doyle said a barrier will be put into place at the edge of the park to keep motor vehicles out, but it will be left open when emergency vehicles and mowers need access.

"Thankfully, the playground equipment has not been damaged," she said. "Some thought the equipment wouldn’t stand, but nothing has been touched. The picnic tables have been brought up to the pocket park right across from Pawling Corporation, so now it will be out in the light of day."

The new playground equipment was installed last September.

Doyle said when it comes to any future beautification projects, the town will not be deterred by vandals.

"Vandalism aside, we need to put some resources into Wassaic," she said. "There are no excuses for not keeping the park safe and up to date."

Meanwhile, Hanlon said the culprits are still at large. He said anyone with information about the incident should call the sheriff’s office at 845-486-3800.

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