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Trustees discuss switching insurance


MILLERTON - In an effort to save money, village trustees are considering switching health insurance policies for employees.

At the Jan. 23 meeting, insurance broker Mike McGowan gave a presentation to trustees.

According to McGowan, the village is currently paying $4,368.72 monthly under the state's Empire Plan.

If the village switched to MVP health care, the village would pay $3,612.68 monthly, which would result in the estimated annual savings of $9,072.48.

"The [MVP] program has a very large network of doctors and hospitals," McGowan said. "They were just purchased by Cigna, which opens up Connecticut, New York City, pretty much all over the place. They have 350,000 doctors and hospitals all over the country."

According to McGowan, currently one single person and three families are enrolled in health plans.

With the proposed MVP plan, two plans currently listened under family would be able to take advantage of a husband and wife plan, which would save the town $318.99 a month. The village would save $122.48 for the one employee under the single person plan and the village would pay $4.42 more for the remaining employee under the family plan.

Village Mayor John Scutieri said the plan would save a considerable amount. However, no one at the meeting was enrolled in the village's health plan.

"Let's put this out in front of the village," Scutieri said.

He added that employees would get a copy of both plans before any decisions are made.

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