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Time For Indoor Sports

’m fully aware that there are still plenty of important football games to be played, but it’s time to move indoors to enjoy the local sports scene. What better way is there to spend an evening than sitting in the warm confines of a high school gymnasium or the indoor swimming pool at the local YMCA?

As usual, Gilbert and Northwestern will offer up a full schedule of potentially exciting sporting events through the winter season and, as always, your presence is needed. After all, the larger the crowd, the better the atmosphere will be.

Unfortunately for the folks up at Northwestern, they have lost the use of their main gymnasium for the entire winter season. But the games must go on and the Highlanders will have to make due with what you might call a "road show" in basketball. Northwestern has secured the use of the Torrington High School gym for a couple of games but the vast majority of the schedule will be played on the road. Yes, it may be an inconvenience to some degree, but when it comes to supporting our young student athletes, it’s a small price to pay.

During the winter months it’s easy to catch cabin fever. Warm up the car (especially with that automatic car starter you had installed for Christmas) and head out to a ball game, swim meet or wrestling match. The price is right and student athletes enjoy nothing more than looking up and seeing the stands full of fans, friends and family members.

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