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Memories of a fighter pilot, World War II


Tell us how it was up there

You fighting men who fly

The excitement and the glamour

of your life up in the sky.

Oh! There was plenty of excitement,

Maybe a little glamour too,

But first and foremost in our minds,

was the Job we had to do.

We learned to fly and loved to fly

but there were times we found


the flak was bursting round us we’d

be safer on the ground.

How can we tell how it was to fight

the war up there

knowing we could meet our death

anytime, anywhere

How can we tell you how it felt to

joke and kid with John*

Then come back from a mission

and find that he was gone.

We learned to live with danger

Yet somehow through it all

The comradeship we learned to

share is what we most recall

Many years have come and gone

since World War II did cease.

God grant in our lifetime

we truly may have Peace.

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