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Paddle tennis courts fully operational

The paddle tennis courts at the Town Grove are now open for recreational use. The fee to play at the courts for a year is $50 for resident individuals, $75 for resident families, and $150 for non-residents.

Paddle tennis is a game similar to tennis. It is played in pairs, and a small ball is hit over a wide net. It was originally invented to teach kids how to play tennis. It is a great sport for families to enjoy. Paddle is played on a smaller court than tennis and, instead of rackets, it is played with paddles. Also, tennis is a summer sport, and paddle is played only in the winter.

"The best thing about paddle tennis," says Jennifer Weigel, a paddle tennis player, "is that it gives you something fun to do outside in the winter."

Annette West, a member of the Paddle Committee, first thought up the paddle tennis courts. She started by getting lots of people who wanted paddle tennis courts in Lakeville to sign a petition. Once she had enough signatures, she went to the town recreation commission.

"I explained how we needed paddle tennis in the community, because many people knew how to play it and enjoyed the game," West sid. "I also approached several paddle tennis companies about the costs of building paddle tennis courts."

The Recreation Commission took the idea of courts to the town, which agreed that paddle tennis would be a good addition to Salisbury’s recreational facilities. This is their first full season.

"The season has been very successful so far," says Angie Engle, another member of the Paddle Committee. "We’ve had about 60 or 75 people who have actually paid a fee to use the courts."

This fee goes toward the expenses of keeping the courts up and running. Some of the money helps to take care of the metal decking on the courts and the heaters that heat the decking. It also goes toward lighting the courts at night and taking care of the chicken wire that surrounds the courts.

So, if you love the game of paddle tennis and have been looking for a place to play, your search ends here! Just e-mail the Salisbury Recreation Commission at salisburyctrec@yahoo.com, or visit salisburyct.us.

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