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9/11: Looking back and looking ahead

This week, the nation commemorated the devastating Sept. 11 attacks that took the lives of 2,997 people, injured more than 6,000 others and decimated the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Many questions about recycling

Recycling may not be the most exciting thing to think about, but it is something that we all do at home and out in the streets. After years of throwing away used pizza boxes in the paper bin, we now know not to, that the greasy cardboard contaminates the stream. 

Our military and first responders

This old veteran, who served his country proudly, has these personal opinions to share with you: Today I constantly ask myself a simple question — What fools would be so crazy to join our military units, police forces or fire departments? All are overworked, most accept minimal or no pay and one is mostly under appreciated. 

It’s a solo world now

The “me” generations have morphed into the “my own little world” society. What is happening across the globe are retrenchments politically, the rise of dictators and tyrants (the ultimate “my own world” perspective), splits of unions big and small (nations and work forces), everything the individual wants becoming accessible (from Tinder to on-line divorce) and, never least a general distancing from family and friends, relatives and siblings, as the individual surrounds him/herself with modern tools allowing only a singular personal perspective.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 9-12-19

Hermans a good candidate

Last night, when I heard Dick Hermans talk about why he is running for a seat on the Dutchess County Legislature (from the district made up of North East, Pine Plains, Milan and Stanford), I realized how fortunate we would be if he became our representative.

Dick is a lifelong resident of our district, having lived or worked in every one of our four towns. For the past 40 years he has been an owner and operator of Oblong Books & Music, a truly outstanding resource in Millerton. 

Presenting… The Stissing Center

A tiny taste of the Great White Way has come to the Harlem Valley, thanks to the new Stissing Center, a performing arts venue in Pine Plains serving the entire Tri-state region.

Technology update — space and aviation

Like with most things, if you keep an eye on the most advanced processes and product, you can better plan for the future. You watch cooking shows to advance your knowledge even if, currently, some of those skills and tastes are a bit ahead of where you are. You watch NASCAR or Formula 1 even though the thought of reprogramming your car’s computer sends you into a sweat. Why do we want to know about things we can’t currently do? Because only by learning what’s to come can we plan for our own future or enjoyment.

The untrained marathon, in one runner’s experience

I’m here to tell you what the mainstream running media doesn’t want you to hear, like a cool older sibling, buying alcohol for your high school party — equally ill advised, but less illegal: of course you can run a marathon without training, the question is really should you do it?