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Village trustees consider investments, climate

MILLERTON — The Village of Millerton Board of Trustees dealt with investment and climate issues at its Monday, Sept. 11, meeting.

After voting to pay current vouchers, the board read through an investment policy prior to making a resolution to adopt it. After discussion, several small changes in wording were decided upon, the policy was adopted.

Discussion and the passage of the New York Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System (NYCLASS) resolution was the next order of business. NYCLASS is a short-term, highly liquid investment fund that allows a municipality to invest funds on a cooperative basis in short-term investments. These investments are chosen to yield favorable returns while striving to provide maximum safety and liquidity.

This service is available to any municipal corporation or special-purpose district empowered under New York state statute including counties not within the City of New York, cities, towns, villages, school districts, boards of cooperative educational services, and fire districts. Also eligible are county or town improvement districts where the respective county or town is required to pledge its faith and credit for the district’s debt service.

The Climate Smart Community (CSC) resolution was not made as there are several questions the board still has concerning what needs to be done. It was pointed out that some of the steps are relatively easy and fast to commit to, while other steps that have to be undertaken over a period of time and with planning.

Mayor Jennifer Najdek suggested that the board members be in touch with Kathy Chow of the North East Conservation Advisory Council, who has been instrumental in putting the CSC program on the community agenda and is in position to help the Village get started. After more perusing and discussion, the board can then vote on the CSC at a future meeting.

The mayor briefly mentioned some problems with the bathroom at the Eddie Collins Field, with the possibility of closing it. There is a portable restroom available. More thought and research will go into that before a decision is made.

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