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Village Hall moves to North Elm Avenue

MILLERTON — Village officials were feeling lucky this St. Patrick’s Day as Village Hall personnel and the Village Police Department moved out of 50 Main St. and into 5933 North Elm Ave. (Route 22), on Tuesday, March 17. Since Village Hall personnel and the Police Department first moved out of the Village Hall building at 21 Dutchess Ave. due to a broken boiler and asbestos issues — along with plans to renovate — this past October, the latest move marks the third move in six months.

Village Hall was temporarily relocated to One John Street in October. However, it was a small space, with steep stairs and it was not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Mayor Debbie Middlebrook said the space wasn’t conducive for “the functionality of the village,” resulting in the move to 50 Main St.

By mid-January, Village Hall personnel resettled on Main Street, along with the Police Department.

Yet there were issues. Local merchants were concerned about the police presence affecting business. And a narrow alleyway (located between The Moviehouse and Irving Farm) made it tough to access and navigate the parking lot.

The Village Board worked with the Millerton Business Alliance (MBA) on solutions while deciding whether the original Village Hall building should be restored or perhaps sold.

At the board meeting on Monday, Feb. 18, trustees heard from CPL Engineers about alternative sites for Village Hall as well as the $44,000 estimate to fix up the Nutrition Center at 21 Dutchess Ave. Middlebrook also contacted a municipal appraiser to determine the building’s value if it was fixed up versus its value if it was left unchanged. The mayor has also reached out to residents to see what they would like to become of Village Hall. As it stands, plans have been delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

After visiting potential sites, the board decided to move Village Hall to Route 22, where the rent is $3,000 per month, including utilities.

With the help of volunteers, the move was done in just one day. Though there’s still some unpacking to do, Middlebrook said everyone is set up in the new location and residents can still contact Village Hall at 518-789-4489.

Along with its ADA compliance and ability to house both village offices and the police in one location, the new space has an ample designated parking lot.

“We’ll be there for two years while we make a decision with what will happen to the existing building on Dutchess Avenue,” Middlebrook said.

Though Village Hall is closed as a result of the pandemic, business will still be conducted via phone and email. To submit ideas on Village Hall’s future, email dmiddlebrook.villagemillerton@gmail.com or clerk@villageofmillerton.com.

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