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MILLERTON — Astute readers of The Millerton News may have noticed that last week’s issue, published on Thursday, Aug. 4, was the first issue in many, many years in which we did not label our pages with the names of the towns from which the articles and photos on those pages were generated.

Rather, this newspaper is trying out a different approach and changing its format, to instead reorganize the interior pages of each weekly edition. We will be grouping articles together based on subject matter for each page, as seen by last week’s “Government Page” and the ever-popular “Sports Page.”

Our front page, obituary and classified pages will remain unchanged.

We also still plan to run a lead story on each interior page, along with a couple of shorter articles plus news briefs and police reports, wherever possible. Of course, we’ll also print as many interesting and engaging photographs as we can manage to squeeze in between the margins. Rest assured, there will be plenty for readers to feast their eyes upon once they flip from the front page to check out what’s inside.

The great thing about our new approach is its flexibility, as it will allow us to work with a more fluid format. This way, we can compose pages according to the latest breaking and most impactful news — the news we think is most relevant and interesting to you, our readers.

No matter how The Millerton News changes through time — whether it makes slight adjustments or seismic shifts — please know we will always strive to bring you the most essential and vital local news, delivered in the truest and fairest manner possible. We promise you will be in the know, with real and accurate information.

We realize how much your community means to you — because it’s also our community — and it means as much to us! Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to grow through time, constantly working toward that unattainable goal of perfection, but always enjoying the journey for the lessons learned.

Thank you, too, for continuing to pick up The Millerton News each week, for holding it in eager hands and for turning each page tenderly until reaching the end.

That’s when the reader, just like the writer, realizes an entire week must pass until the next issue will come “hot off the press,” and we can both tear into our beloved paper once again.

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