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Millerton Fire Company names officers for 2022

MILLERTON — Given all the challenges its district and other districts faced in 2021, the Millerton Fire Company was ready to ring in the New Year when it announced its new slate of officers for 2022.

The officers were appointed at year’s end on Thursday evening, Dec. 9, 2021, when the company reorganized for the new year and held its annual election at the Millerton firehouse at 24 Century Blvd.

2022 Millerton Fire Company Officers

Fire Chief Jason Watson

1st Asst. Chief David Schultz

2nd Asst. Chief William Watson

Captain Jimmy Tanner

1st Lt. Andrew Schultz

2nd Lt. Anthony Sarvis

2022 Rescue Squad Officers

Fire Police Captain Larry Selfridge

Rescue Captain Heather Mullen

Administrative Team for 2022

President Lenny Morrison

Vice President and Treasurer Kelly Roger

Secretary Sharon Stramm

Board of Director Joe Cawley

Along with welcoming her on board as secretary, the Millerton Fire Company gave thanks to Stramm for her years of service as the company’s rescue captain, as was specially noted in a post made on the company’s Facebook page on Thursday, Dec. 9.

In 2021, the Millerton Fire Company responded to hundreds of calls, according to Fire Chief Jason Watson, who posted a letter about the volunteer firefighters efforts’ in 2021 and posted it on the company’s Facebook page.

He wrote the company “responded to assist the Town of Northeast Medic 1,235 [times] for a total of 710 hours.” In addition, he stated the company responded to 78 automatic fire alarms for a total of 126 hours; four structure fires for a total of 450 hours; 15 calls on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail for a total of 150 hours; 38 miscellaneous calls for a total of 700 hours; and responded “to standby in another firehouse five times for a total of 61 hours.

“Altogether, this totals 375 calls and 2,197 hours served in 2021. There’s also the 2,094 hours the company spent on training, work details and arranging parades for birthdays.

“On behalf of the North East Fire District and Millerton Fire Company, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication,” Watson stated in his letter. “Without endless hours of training and volunteering, we wouldn’t be who we are today.”

As of this time, the Millerton Fire Company and North East Fire District are on the lookout for volunteers. Those interested in helping are welcome to stop by the North East Fire Annex at 29 Century Blvd. on Monday nights between 6 and 9 p.m. to pick up an application.

Interested candidates may also email chiefnefd@gmail.com for more information.

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