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It’s just fate

So, you think you are a clear headed, flinty-eyed rationalist, do you? You think that all we need for the universe to give up the rest of its secrets is a more powerful telescope, a bigger particle collider, some fancier math theorems, and we will have it knocked. No more mysteries for the human race.


If you wish to drag me up in front of a House Un-American Sporting Committee and accuse me of harboring unnatural thoughts against the American Sports Scene, I will not protest and will go quietly, canceled bleacher ticket in hand.

You see, I am not a fan of post-seasons.

Under darkening skies, the Webutuck boys varsity soccer team fought to stay ahead of the Millbrook team on the field behind Webutuck High School during a home game held on Thursday, Sept. 30. Photo by Kaitlin Lyle

Webutuck High School soccer loses to Millbrook boys team, 5-1, on home turf

WEBUTUCK — Though their hearts were in the game and their eyes were on the ball, the Webutuck High School boys varsity soccer team met its defeat on home turf after competing against Millbrook High School on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Stoned again

The Biblical precursor to our game of football was a game called Stones. Somehow the editors of the King James version missed the reference to the game, but we football coaches picked it up some time in the distant past; and it explains a good deal of the strange goings on in our game.

Webutuck boys soccer loses to Dover, ready to focus on ‘aggression’

WEBUTUCK — Learning from their mistakes and refining their techniques, the Webutuck boys varsity soccer team will be working hard to improve their game during the 2021-22 season.

The team recently competed against Dover High School in a home game held at 4:45 p.m. behind Webutuck Elementary School on Thursday, Sept. 23.

From the moment the volleyball was launched into the air, the Milbrook Blazers, on left, and the Webutuck Warriors put their talents into play as they competed against each other inside the Webutuck High School gymnasium on Thursday, Sept. 23. Photo by Kaitlin Lyle

Webutuck builds varsity volleyball program with young team in tow

WEBUTUCK — Working with a young team on the volleyball court this season, the Webutuck varsity volleyball coach is determined to build the program at all levels and make each game a learning experience, as was demonstrated on Thursday, Sept. 23, during their game against Millbrook.


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