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From left, Hotchkiss School students Kayla Robertson, Spencer Roh, Logan Peloquin, Mohammed Nuhu, Anish Reid, Nell Dwyer, Quillan Oberto, Jacquo Pierre, Nate Harrison and Harrison Hoffman showed their support for their school’s partnership with the North East Community Center (NECC) in Millerton by participating in a soccer tournament that benefitted NECC on Sunday, April 25.  Photo by Robert Whittemore

Everyone’s a champ at NECC soccer benefit

SALISBURY, Conn. — As a way to show the North East Community Center (NECC) in Millerton just how meaningful its connection is to their school, students at the nearby Hotchkiss School in Salisbury, Conn., participated in a school-wide soccer tournament on Sunday, April 25, to raise funds to benefit the community center.

Veterans Camping Weekend this June

MILAN — The Dutchess County Parks Division and Veterans Services Division, in collaboration with Mental Health America of Dutchess County’s Vet2Vet Program, will host a Veterans Camping Weekend at Wilcox Memorial Park, located on Route 199 in Milan, for veterans and their families from Thursday, June 3, through Sunday, June 6.

No zombies

These days, there seem to be a flock of fellas trying to figure out how they can futz around and fix the fine old game we know as baseball. You can figure what grade this old teacher assigns to this forgettable effort, can’t you?

Mutts and outcasts

Some unkind if accurate person, I don’t remember who at the moment, labeled America as a “country of mutts and outcasts.” If that is so, then I reply, “Arf Arf. That’s why I root for the “underdog.”

No No to the No-No

In all the rest of the world, a “No-No” is a very serious negative. It’s what the frightened mother yells to her toddler who thinks that hanging out with the stove, literally, is a really good idea.

A typical dry-dropper rig includes a high-visibility, buoyant dry fly like a Stimulator and a weighted nymph on a dropper. The dropper is attached directly to the bend of the hook on the top fly with a clinch knot. Your mileage will definitely vary. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan​

The fisherman ‘goes deep’ on dry-droppers

The situation: The angler approaches the little blue line cautiously. The angler, disregarding the stiff joints and aching back, creeps up behind the boulder and peers at the plunge pool. The angler ties on a dry fly, and ever so carefully drops it right where the spooky wild brook trout is probably hiding. 


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