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Mutts and outcasts

Some unkind if accurate person, I don’t remember who at the moment, labeled America as a “country of mutts and outcasts.” If that is so, then I reply, “Arf Arf. That’s why I root for the “underdog.”

No No to the No-No

In all the rest of the world, a “No-No” is a very serious negative. It’s what the frightened mother yells to her toddler who thinks that hanging out with the stove, literally, is a really good idea.

A typical dry-dropper rig includes a high-visibility, buoyant dry fly like a Stimulator and a weighted nymph on a dropper. The dropper is attached directly to the bend of the hook on the top fly with a clinch knot. Your mileage will definitely vary. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan​

The fisherman ‘goes deep’ on dry-droppers

The situation: The angler approaches the little blue line cautiously. The angler, disregarding the stiff joints and aching back, creeps up behind the boulder and peers at the plunge pool. The angler ties on a dry fly, and ever so carefully drops it right where the spooky wild brook trout is probably hiding. 

Three and out

As we all know, baseball is a game of threes: three strikes, three outs, three bases. Even the game is three squared innings. So if you want to be a well informed batter, you have to know the three types of pitchers and go up to the plate conclusion in mind.

Millbrook mid-fielder Sadie Krueger can be seen in action  during one of the games from the team’s winning season. Photo submitted

Millbrook Blazers Division 9 Champs

MILLBROOK — It takes a lot of training, a lot of team work and a lot of good coaching — put that all together and in this challenging pandemic year the Millbrook High School Blazers Girls Soccer Team was able to make the goal that really mattered — becoming Section Champions for 2020-21. 

Smiles tell the story of good times had at the Summer Youth Program at the Roeliff Jansen Park, among campers who formed lifelong friendships while attending camp there two years ago. Photo submitted

Camp at Roeliff Jansen Park offers children a summer of fun

HILLSDALE — Childhood is fleeting, but its memories and friendships can last a lifetime, especially when they come from a special experience like the one at the Summer Youth Program, returning to the Roeliff Jansen Park this year after a year’s absence due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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