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‘Read all about it’

Newspapers are done. That’s the story these days. And this message has been repeated year after year over the last two decades as more than 2,500 weekly publications in the United States either closed or merged with other papers as a way to survive.

Genetic adaptation

One of the questions plaguing scientists, especially environmental scientists these days, is how long does it take Mother Nature to adapt to change? How long will an organism take to adapt to a new environment? How long does it take a maple tree to adapt to a 10-degree change in weather patterns?

The loss of an icon

Marshall Miles was many things to many people in our community. His name alone conjures so much meaning. There is no question that his death on Saturday, June 24, at age 70,  marked the end of an era when all of us in the Northwest Corner were lucky to have a “perfect local newscaster” with an unparalleled understanding of life in our towns.

Bigger (Biggest?) Worry

There is a new trend. It is called global awareness. World’s media companies are increasingly sprinkling news items from beyond our shores, politicians are warning of geopolitical upheavals and perceived enemies of the American way of life, and, always, there are truly evil folks “out there” we have to safeguard against.


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