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Sin & the Cure: Repentance

One of the lessons in the movie Oppenheimer is that the man – indeed the team of scientists – come to realize that the weapon they had created for good purpose is, in fact the destroyer of their collective (and our nation’s) morality. They had created an ultimate sin.

Lonnie Carter, playwright Photo submitted

Barbie phenomenon

What to make of this, I am asked.  A phenomenon, I reply.  Kate MacKinnon, an hilarious Weird Barbie, offering Barbie/Robbie a high heel or a Birkenstock — my daughter having worn highs to her recent wedding, now exclaiming I love Birkenstocks!, before Robbie/Barbie goes off to the Real World, leaving the Perfect Barbie/Robbie World far behind. 

Siting solar projects

Didi Barrett (D-Dutchess/Columbia) and Michelle Hinchey (D-District 41) have succeeded in getting a bill through the New York State Assembly and Senate that seeks to help communities confront the change that comes with  renewable energy initiatives.

A return to civility and respect?

A couple years back I was walking down a hospital corridor in Rhinebeck wearing a well-used ball cap featuring an American flag logo when a passing woman sarcastically remarked “Make America great again?” I fixed my gaze upon her and replied  “Madam, America has always been great but there’s always room for improvement”.


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