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The time for change is now

Veteran's Corner

On this post-election morning, I am retiring my worn and tattered American flag, which has served its purpose flying proudly and honorably for more than a year representing freedom and the ideals this nation was founded upon. It is now folded into 13 precise triangles, but it will never be forgotten. 

So, too, does the office of the President of the United States seem to be headed in that direction on Jan. 20. President Trump, like him or hate him, has achieved tremendous successes that have benefitted this nation that have been mostly ignored by the majority of media outlets and stubborn minds. I can recall at least 10 major issues that have improved American lives. 

We have just finished a contentious election. Like the results or not, we all have a duty to respect the office of the new commander in chief. I pray that Mr. Biden has the strength and fortitude to carry forth President Trump’s agenda. I hope Mr. Biden demonstrates decisive leadership and appoints a worthy U.S. Cabinet representing all U.S. citizens — not partisan politics. I hope he resists any attempts from the radical left to influence him. Most liberals, conservatives and independents want what is best for this nation. 

I believe President Trump lost this election not because Democrats had a better agenda and better policies, but because many disliked his personality and were still angry with results of the 2016 election, and voted accordingly. I personally dislike the president’s personality too, as I did many I served under in the military. But despite my dislike of President Trump and those military leaders, I knew how to get the job done. 

I voted for President Trump because for past four years I believe he demonstrated the kind of leadership needed to achieve much good for this nation and for the future of my children and my grandchildren. 

We experienced a good deal of election interference this year, not from the Russians but from our own mainstream and social media. This has gotten out of control and must be reined in. A uniform set of national election rules must be established to achieve election results in a timely manner — though I cringe thinking about getting the Feds involved. But this year’s election was mayhem, with different rules for different states. Some rules changed a day in advance of the election. Florida should serve as a role model. They did it right. 

I fear our own election and voting integrity has been seriously degraded. Anxious voters question the honesty of our politicians and of our electoral system. The process this year was an embarrassment to our nation and is being scrutinized by foreign countries everywhere. 

Anyway, congratulations and good luck, Mr. Biden. Be strong, independent and decisive, especially regarding foreign policy. Keep the Mid-East peace agenda alive. Our dear ally, Israel, cannot be abandoned. Keep our borders sovereign and safe. Don’t be compromised by Iran, communist China, Russia or the radical left. Be your own man and fight for the principles and freedoms of our Constitution. 

God bless you, President-Elect Biden, on your new journey, and God bless you, patriotic readers. Take a deep breath, practice tolerance and be kind to one another. 

Till next time…

Vietnam veteran Larry Conklin is a Millerton resident who belongs to both the Millerton American Legion Post 178 and the Couch-Pipa VFW Post 6851 in North Canaan, Conn. 

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