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Those little acts of kindness really count

Veteran's Corner

They can make such a big difference in our everyday lives. Every day can be a new day if we lend a little kindness. In today’s troubled world anxiety and uncertainty are ever increasing, and individuals need a bright ray of sunshine to know someone cares. It doesn’t need to cost anything other than a few minutes of time.

In the military, our code of honor was to protect and look out for one another (having each other’s “sixes”).

The timely delivery of the COVID vaccine to states in mid-December was initially bobbled by many unprepared and disorganized state leaders. Distribution is now improving with supplies to local pharmacies, clinics, retail outlets, etc. Which injection should you take: Pfizer, Moderna or J & J? Answer: The first one available. They’re all close effective at preventing hospitalization and death.

The sooner we, the citizen army of this nation, get the juice in our arms, the sooner we defeat this invader and protect one another. And let’s keep the masks on in public.

Caring individuals are assisting others with getting them registered for their boosters and offering rides to injection sites.

This winter I noticed neighbors shoveling and plowing passage through snow for fellow neighbors. Many others  offered rides to medical visits, looked in on others and conversed with one another to insure their mutual welfare.

Individuals are helping people prepare their meals as well as buy their meals, and offering meal ingredients to make life easier for others.

Patriots are also flying our American flags, our symbol of freedom, and openly supporting our first responders. In these days, when so many politicians and institutions have failed us it’s encouraging to know that average folks in this country still care for one another. It’s also encouraging to see people create their own aura of optimism — they make their own sunshine.

Challenging times are not new, and we will overcome.  Stick together, help one another when possible and look forward to a great rest of your spring and to an even better summer.

God bless you patriotic and caring readers, and your families.

Town of North East resident Larry Conklin is a Vietnam veteran and a member of both the Millerton American Legion Post 178 and the VFW Post 6851 in North Canaan, Conn.

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