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A nation in turmoil, with dangerous consequences

Veteran's Corner

Antifa; BLM; The 1619 Project; unchecked cancel culture; defund and abuse the police; critical race theory; white supremacy; failed city, state and federal leadership or lack thereof; uncontrolled lawlessness and homelessness; the decay of morals and ethics; the recent invitation to the unvetted world to enter through our southern border now controlled and regulated by drug cartels; and a current completely failed domestic and foreign policy.

All of the above has contributed to a downhill slippery slope of national division culminating in a cesspool of corruption, hatred, mistrust, national political and racial division and educational decay. It’s degrading our national security, causing disrespect and abuse of our history, our military and our law enforcement, not to mention rampant homelessness, drug abuse and sadly, even death.

A former mostly-honest electoral process is now in jeopardy. We have slipped from a once proud, self-sufficient nation cautiously feared by our enemies and mostly respected by our allies to currently being manipulated by our allies as we offer a pathway to abuse and attacks by our enemies — without fear of consequences or reprisal.

Our present federal administration thus far has been a disappointment. The president seems confused, disoriented and lacking effective leadership skills. His administration is mostly focused on a political agenda of retaining power at any cost. It seems President Biden has forgotten that he and those he has appointed as well as the rest of those who were elected under his wing of the Democratic party work for us, not we for them.

Undocumented citizens around the world were invited to the U.S. by then-presidential candidate Biden, resulting in what is now a full-blown disaster at our southern border. That’s causing thousands of people to be transported at taxpayer expense to red states, I believe, with the intent of swaying future voting trends.

Those dependent upon the government will then be most likely to vote progressive liberal during the next election. Bait ‘em, hook ‘em and land ‘em, that’s what this administration is trying to do. What is sad and tragic is that many of those people who are trying to reach our southern border are suffering horrible atrocities, some dying in the process.

I don’t blame them for coming, seeking a better life. I blame this administration for putting them in harm’s way due to political incompetence.

You won’t see or hear this on mainstream or social media, as they cater to their own agendas. If you eat or drink, use the TV or computer, or basically use any form of energy, you are paying for our stimulus funds and folly.

But beware — a tumultuous and dangerous era is upon us. Democrat, Republican, Independent, liberal or conservative, we are all in this together. Our nation has evolved through the actions and efforts of patriots and warriors. I know that we will never capitulate. Stay observant, seek the truth and look after one another.

God bless you, patriotic readers, and your families. Enjoy this summer and your precious times together.


Millerton resident Larry Conklin is a Vietnam War veteran and a member of the American Legion Post 178 in Millerton, N.Y., and the Couch Pipa VFW Post 6851 in North Canaan, Conn.

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