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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 9-16-21

Tough to keep track of IRC and its tasks

The creation of election districts for the Dutchess County Legislature by an independent (i.e. not controlled by a party) process is what the voters of Dutchess County want and what we voted for. 

“Reapportionment” matters to all of us, however ungainly the term and however halting the progress of the Independent Reapportionment Commission (IRC). 

It is difficult to cover the subject impartially. By definition, Republicans and Democrats are adversaries, and the commission is supposed to be independent. 

However, the commission must operate in Dutchess County where both the executive and the Legislature are in the hands of the Republican Party. 

The Millerton News has made a good faith effort to quote spokesmen (they were all men) from “both sides,” but inevitably you give more prominence to what elected officials say, and they represent the ruling party. 

It would not hurt to remind readers in each story of why we have an Independent Reapportionment Commission.

Laurie Nussdorfer



Conklin responds to criticism about his column

I would like to remind Millerton News reader Roger Price regarding his comments to my opinion column of Aug. 19, that though my focus and column is entitled “Veteran’s Corner,” I do not always opine ONLY on military and veteran matters. 

I have voiced concerns dealing with conservation, health care, charity, first responders and food pantry and food drive needs. 

Most of these have little to do with the military, but rather with humanity. 

The bad and evil of our past should be allowed to heal. There is a great deal of good out there if you take a peek. 

This country needs open and honest minds, not people inciting anger through rhetoric. It’s only going to get worse in the next few years, so let’s try to stay calm and try to compromise. 

Larry Conklin



The Pine Plains Platter will be greatly missed

I am so sad…

Our Pine Plains Platter is closing soon; a place that has been our gathering hub for many years.

The faces one “of us” ranged from the hazy-eyed teens for Sunday breakfast recap, families giggling from near and far, community organizations meeting with agendas at hand, artists and musicians creating and expressing, local business staff and teachers rushing in for their lunch-break treats! Oh, and the weekend bikers revving-up parked in front, where admiring customers would gaze with intrigue.

In this ever-changing world with much pain and uncertainty… we want to thank you, Cris, and your incredible team for creating this magical place in our community and in my life.

Your open arms, warmth and not to mention the incredible fresh local menu will be tragically missed.

I love you.

Santina Tirone


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