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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 7-22-21

Candidate thanks Democrats for Town Board nomination

I would like to thank the Town of North East’s Democratic Committee for nominating me to run in November’s election for a seat on the Town Board of North East. 

As a lifelong resident of the area and a young resident of the Village of Millerton, I am grateful for the opportunity to present myself as a candidate for those who call the Town of North East home.

I am filled with desire to become involved where I live, and hope to make as good a neighbor as a potential member of the North East Town Board.

Griffin Cooper



We must solve the climate emergency

During this August recess, as our senators and congresspeople come home from D.C., we should all ask that they look around and see the ways climate change is impacting our community and country. I care about our changing climate because I see the impacts severe storms, worsening allergies and increased food prices are having on my family and community. We stand together on this. Seventy-eight percent of Americans now say they personally are concerned about climate change. Ninety-six percent of us believe we have a right to live in a healthy environment with clean air and water (ecoAmerica, 2021).

We need to solve the climate emergency, not just put another bandage on it.

We can accelerate and increase our actions to eliminate carbon pollution, restore thriving nature and prioritize solutions that include and are fair to all of our neighbors. Each of us needs to take steps to eliminate all fossil fuel pollution in our homes, workplaces, communities and in the nation through systemic change.

I personally have committed to cutting my climate pollution in half by signing onto MomentUs (www.ecoamerica.or/momentus/). Please join me yourself, and urge our policy makers to do the same.

Robbianne Mackin

Chief Development Officer,



County is wrong to dissolve commission

After decades of decennial map-making during which the party in power used the new Census to draw district lines that favored its own candidates,  Dutchess County voters in 2020 voted decisively to create a non-partisan Independent Redistricting Commission.

This Commission was formed early this year and since February has been diligently working on its assigned task of creating fair and balanced legislative districts. But late last month the party in power moved to “dissolve” it and to form a new Commission, later this year, on which none of the current members (or the current list of 163 volunteers) would be allowed to serve. 

This clear abrogation of democratic principles cannot be allowed to stand. The current Independent Commission should be allowed to continue its vital work without interruption or interference from the party in power.

 Michael Shafer, chair


Frank Pepe, co-chair


Claudia de Bellis, secretary

Clinton Corners

Patricia Wineapple, treasurer

Clinton Corners

Wendy Burton, town supervisor


Stanford Democratic Committee


Sherman thanks voters for support in re-vote

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many voters who came out to vote in both the Millerton Village general election on June 15th and the special election on July 6th.

Additionally, I would like to give my special thanks to the majority of voters who entrusted me with their votes to win the election for village trustee.

I will endeavor to serve the people of the Village of Millerton, fairly and equitably, and do what is best for the whole community.

Thank you. 

David Sherman

Village trustee



Grocery store is imperative

Many things change and so does Millerton.

One thing does not change: We all have to eat.

Millerton needs a grocery store.

Rowena Fenstermacher



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