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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 6-10-21

An appreciative veteran following Memorial Day

A respectful thank you salute to the Millerton American Legion, SAL’s, firefighters, Lions Club and those patriotic Americans involved in presenting the community with a special tribute to those deceased veterans, firefighters and  loved ones with an awesome display of appropriate flags on the village streets and at our local cemeteries. 

I visited the meticulously trimmed Irondale location on Memorial Day and did a retake the following day. Thanks to all of you who were involved. It is truly appreciated by we vets, firefighters and patriots.  

And thank you for your heartfelt June 3rd news editorial about the Memorial Day holiday. It was spot on and very much appreciated. 

Larry Conklin


Editor’s Note: Larry Conklin writes the monthly Millerton News opinion column, Veteran’s Corner.


Be wary of Amenia Strong when voting in primary

The well-funded “Amenia Strong” Republican Primary slate pitches to the dissatisfaction over the rise in town budgets and taxes in recent years.

Until recently, the tax base has been flat. That all changed a few years ago when the town’s total tax assessment (“tax base”) started to increase dramatically with the development of all the new luxury homes at Silo Ridge.

And that’s been good for the rest of us who, until Silo Ridge, have had to carry the full measure of the tax burden. Now, it is being shared by Silo Ridge. But Silo Ridge homeowners, of whom all of the “Amenia Strong” slate of candidates are purportedly associated, don’t like paying their fair share of taxes, based on what they paid for their new homes.

And, I’ve heard that they tried to get their hand-picked candidate for town assessor installed and that the current Town Board refused. It was an assessor who presumably would have lowered Silo Ridge assessments (and taxes) and, to compensate for the loss of tax base, raised yours! And that they brought a legal action against the town concerning their assessments. And that they are now masquerading with the slogan to make “Amenia Strong.”

That’s a Red Herring.

Do you see a conflict of interest in their slate of candidates now running to win a majority of votes on the Town Board (three out of five)? Or do you see a Trojan Horse? 

I see a professional political campaign to make Amenia a Company Town. And I see Amenia Republican voters turning out for the Primary on Tuesday, June 22, to vote against the so-called “Amenia Strong” candidates.

Dan Brown



Throwing support behind Amenia Strong

Shakespeare wrote, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” I say, “something is rotten in the Amenia Town Board Budget.” 

First of all, the taxable assessment for Amenia has risen from $571 million in 2017 to $863 million for 2021, almost $300 million. Common sense would say our town tax should decrease, but the present Town Board, with town Supervisor Victoria Perotti as chief financial officer, has raised our taxes with unaccountable spending.

As I reviewed the budget and the 2020 operating statement I found glaring discrepancy. The major problem I find alarming is the 2020 estimated revenue for the General Fund was $706,000, but the actual revenue was $1,578,000, an $872,000 variance with no explanation. 

Wow, where did that money go?  The supervisor line went up over $2,000 but they eliminated over $37,000 from Summer Rec and Youth Programs. Senior Programs lost over $5,000 but the Town Attorney is up to $100,000. I have FOILed for the true costs of the Trail to Trains and they have conveniently not filled that request. I do know they spent $13,200 on interest and borrowed $1.5 million. They also borrowed $1.1 million and paid $27,000 on the Heater Bond and $25,940 in interest. Yes, and interest rates are low.

As a lifelong resident and 16-year member of the Amenia Town Board as councilman and supervisor, I felt compelled to write this letter in support of the Amenia Strong Ticket for Town Board. Comprised of Julie Doran, Jamie Vitiello and Brad Rebillard, this slate of candidates is made up of the right people at the right time to put our town back on the right track.

Sadly, our town has faced rising taxes and lower services. The current mismanagement of our tax dollars is a serious problem and we need real, honest oversight.  

That is why I am throwing my support behind the Amenia Strong Team. Amenia is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. I am hopeful it will remain that way, but I worry that the current road we are on will prevent that. Please stand with me to put Amenia on a new, brighter path for a strong future. 

Wayne Euvrard

Former town supervisor



Sherman will be an asset to the Village Board

As a former member of the Millerton Village Board with over six years experience in serving our community, I would like to state my support and endorsement of Dave Sherman for village trustee. Dave will be on the Village Election ballot on Tuesday, June 15.

Dave is known in the village for his record of service to our community. With his skills in municipal planning, budgeting and finance, Dave will be an asset to the Village Board as a trustee and a great help in organizing and overseeing major projects.

Dave’s aims are to attract a new supermarket to serve our residents; to build a sewer system to serve areas of need; to complete the renewal of Eddie Collins Park; to continue fixing village sidewalks and updating an aging water system. Our community deserves to have forward looking people like Dave serving in local government.

I encourage Millerton voters to go out to the Village Offices on Tuesday, June 15th, and vote for Dave Sherman for village trustee. Voting will be at 5933 North Elm Ave. (Route 22) from noon to 9 p.m.

Rob Cooper



Dave Sherman has proven leadership skills

During my 14 years of service as a village trustee and then mayor of Millerton, I got to know Dave Sherman and appreciate his work for our community.

Dave was first a Planning Board chairman for the village and town, then a town councilman and for several years our town’s supervisor. He knows how governments can work together and will help us maintain a strong cooperative relationship between the town and village.

Now, Dave is a candidate for village trustee. I feel he would be great addition to the Village Board. He is thoughtful, fair-minded and works to build consensus.

As a life-long resident, Dave knows our village, understands our needs and has the drive to help solve our problems. He will work to help us to attract a new supermarket, to build a sewer system and to complete the Eddie Collins Park renovations.

On Tuesday, June 15th, I’ll be voting for Dave Sherman for village trustee and I strongly recommend that voters of Millerton join me in voting for Dave.

John Scutieri



Sherman brings experience, know-how and fairness

I am writing to express my support and endorsement of Dave Sherman for village trustee. Dave will be on the ballot in the Village Election on Tuesday, June 15th.

Dave is a life-long resident of Millerton. He is a friendly, approachable person with a strong sense of service to our community.

Dave Sherman is experienced, having served on village and town planning boards and governing boards. His understanding of local government equips him to be an excellent trustee and sustain the good working relationship between the town and village.

Dave has demonstrated in his service to our community that he understands our problems, has the ability to address them and is committed to seeing the needs of our residents are being met.

From a perspective of being a long-time Millerton resident and involved in municipal matters, I believe Dave offers a great combination of energy, know-how and fairness to foster agreement and resolve problems.

On June 15th, Dave Sherman deserves the consideration and vote of every village voter. Please join me in voting for Dave. Voting will be from 12 noon to 9 o’clock at the village offices at 5933 North Elm Ave. (Route 22).

George Kaye

North East town councilman




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