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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 2-2-23

My experience at Sharon Hospital

During the month of November, I was helping a friend in Millerton fixing a problem in the basement. When I noticed a bug attached to my arm, I quickly pulled it out and thought nothing of it. About two weeks later I was stricken with a high fever and could not move from my bed. I thought I had Covid, but after three tests that showed up negative my wife called Dr. Dweck in Amenia. He strongly directed me to go to the emergency room at Sharon Hospital.

When I arrived at the emergency room, I was seen very quickly and was seen by a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse who I found very knowledgeable and professional and compassionate. I was subjected to an I.V.,  X-rays and a blood test. And after a short while I was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis and admitted.

This is when my experience begins. I was simply amazed by the care I received at Sharon Hospital. I have been to city hospitals and never felt the care that I received there, it was like being in a private hospital.

The room was very clean, the nurses were excellent and efficient and the hospital doctor Dr. Nair was great! I spent five days there and did not want to leave! I found that Sharon hospital is a God-send to this area, and if you disagree, spend a night in a city hospital.

Angelo J. Prunella



Supporting PCU at Sharon Hospital

As the Chief Nursing Officer at Sharon Hospital who has been at the hospital for 9 years, I have spent much of my career in critical care, starting as a frontline ICU nurse at the bedside. As a proud member of the Sharon Hospital family, I would like to share my support for the hospital’s plan to establish a Progressive Care Unit (PCU). Both as a longtime RN, and through my role now as the leader of Sharon Hospital’s nurses, I am excited to see the opportunities this co-location could bring to our team.

Our nurses are already incredibly skilled, and centralizing our critical care and medical- surgical teams will only allow them to be more efficient in providing five-star patient care. It will also provide new opportunities · those most experienced in critical care can mentor their colleagues and foster development within our facility. At the same time, this centralization will equip all nurses with more support in their day-to-day jobs. Where we currently run two distinct teams, with a distinct set of resources and support staff, we will now be united as one. This means each of our nurses will see more flexibility and resources as they continue providing excellent care to our patients.

This plan will allow us to provide the same level of care, in a unified model with the potential to enhance the patient experience. The PCU will be designed to keep patients in the same unit with a more consistent care team throughout their time at Sharon Hospital, rather than moving them between units as they are stabilized and ready for the next step of their care journey.

While the impacts on patient care will be minimal, the benefits for our internal team will be significant and will ultimately create a more seamless, effective experience for our patients, while helping position our hospital for long-term strength and success. I ask our community to learn the facts of this proposal, and join me in my support of the planned PCU.

Dawn Woodruff, MSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
Sharon Hospital



Great vet story

Thank you for featuring (the first of two parts) the article on Bentley Veterinary Practice in The Lakeville Journal on Jan. 26. Elias Sorich has perfectly captured the essence of Dr. Isaac Angell, his staff and the practice.

My husband and I and our backyard flock of pet chickens are truly lucky to be under their care!

Paree and John Hecht



The Dover Station Project is about clean energy

For almost two years, the Dover Planning Board has been reviewing the Dover Station, an electric substation project proposed by New York Transco. The project is straightforward. It’s a 5-acre electric substation that will be buffered with hundreds of new, mature plantings in an appropriately zoned area on New York Transco-owned land. The project is part of the State’s clean energy grid build out that’s legislatively mandated and prioritized for environmental protection and economic opportunity for all.

In fact, the project directly supports another nearby project under construction that will deliver 2,100 megawatts of clean energy throughout New York. Without the Dover Station, these benefits are hindered and reliability potentially jeopardized.

The project has nothing to do with fracked gas or gas pipelines. It’s for clean energy. The equipment is typical for substations — transformers, lighting masts, etc. The two transmission poles in the site are consistent with existing poles across the street. And that’s partly why this project is sited here — to connect with and maximize existing infrastructure.

The project is responsibly sited and designed, minimizing the footprint to the 16.3-acre property, and staying out of regulated wetlands. Environmental studies and construction methodologies have been completed and reviewed by and concurrence received from federal and state agencies. Furthermore, studies, using the latest information, show the project does not present adverse Environmental Justice conditions or impacts. Instead, Dover Station will help our clean energy transition while supporting N.Y. union jobs and delivering an estimated annual $1.8 million in school, County, and town tax revenue.

The project meets or exceeds all requirements and the Dover Planning Board has a robust environmental record to support a decision. All facts are within the public record and readily available for area residents and interested outsiders.

Transmission is the key to our clean energy future and projects like Dover Station are critical to progress. Now is the time to work together, to focus on the greater good, and to support our shared clean energy future that prioritizes environmental protection, cleaner air and water, energy security, and economic opportunities for generations to come.

Victor Mullin


New York Transco


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