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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 12-2-21

Molinaro, Pulver agree Democratic Caucus must step up, get to work

During a County Legislature Budget Meeting, Democrat Minority Leader Rebecca Edwards attempted to criticize her colleagues saying, “this Legislature is doing virtually nothing.”

The Legislature is in the midst of reviewing the 2022 Proposed County Executive Budget by holding public hearings and meeting with Departments to ensure staffing and services are being maintained as well as discussing new service proposals. The Budget review process is one of the most important aspects of being a county legislator.

Throughout the Legislature’s Budget review and November meetings, the Democratic Caucus has maintained a 43% attendance rate average. At one meeting, zero members of the Democratic Caucus were in attendance. Over that same span of 11 meetings, the Republican Caucus maintained a perfect, 100% attendance rate.

Our residents need a highly efficient and functioning County government. There are people out there that need help, want better roads and parks and deserve to have their taxes lowered.

We are absolutely disappointed to hear Legislator Edward’s remarks and suggest the Democratic Caucus starts doing their jobs and showing up.

The County Executive and Legislature Chairman point to their 2021 accomplishments:

• Purchased and authorized up to $25 million for the construction of the Youth Opportunity Union (YOU)

• Delivered $3.1 million in Learn, Play, Create youth grants

• Negotiated and ratified a 25-year lease with Keystone Professional Baseball Club to bring a New York Yankees affiliate team to Dutchess Stadium

• Authorized funding for upgrades at Wilcox Park, Bowdoin Park, Lake Walton Park and Quiet Cove Park

• Established a reserve fund for the Parks Division

• Expanded use of Crisis Intervention Team Training to municipal law enforcement entities

• Authorized a $350,000 highspeed internet/broadband project

• Adopted a local law to protect restaurants from nefarious third-party delivery services

• Authorized and approved the implementation of the County Sheriff’s Police Reform and Modernization Plan

• Negotiated and ratified a Government Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Climate Action Plan between the County and municipalities

• Authorized and conducted PFOA/PFOS study for homes surrounding the Hudson Valley Regional Airport

• Authorized purchase of a Mobile RV to deliver physical, mental and communicable disease health services to Eastern Dutchess

• Adopted a local law for Fair Housing

And, we are delivering the eighth consecutive property tax cut, the largest tax reduction in County history, and eliminating sales tax on clothing and footwear under $110.

County Executive
Marc Molinaro

Red Hook

Legislature Chairman Gregg Pulver (R-19)

Pine Plains


A thank you from Roe Jan Library director

Thanksgiving is a day when we reflect on what is important to us and what we are thankful for. The Roeliff Jansen Community Library has reason to be especially thankful this year.

Our library has weathered another year of COVID, staff have remained well and we have been able to continue to do what we love best — welcome you into our building, help you find your next great read or movie, provide access to the information and services you need and share educational and entertaining programs with you. But we have even more to be thankful for.

Nov. 2 was a historic day for the library. For the first time, the voters in Ancram, Copake and Hillsdale all resoundingly voted in favor of increased financial support for their library.

The Board of Trustees and staff would like to express our deep gratitude to all who came out in support of the library this election season, as well as to the many volunteers who worked so hard to make sure everyone knew to turn over the ballot and vote “yes” on Proposal 6.

We are humbled by the margins (over 75% in favor in Hillsdale and over 63% in favor in Ancram and Copake).

It has been a tough couple of years for everyone, and we know that it may have seemed presumptuous to some for the library to ask for increased financial support at this time. But we also know that public libraries, which offer services to all members of the community, no matter their income, politics, age, etc., are particularly important community anchors and supports during such times.

Your vote of confidence in your library will only make us work harder to support the communities that have supported us.

Thank you. And may you all have a wonderful holiday.

Tammy Gaskell

Director, Roeliff Jansen
Community Library




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