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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 11-12-20

Thank you, Stissing Center, for a smooth Election Day

We’re not in the habit of writing letters, but the experience we had on Election Day in Pine Plains motivates this one. 

We both want to say “thank you” to all the people who ran the Pine Plains voting at The Stissing Center. They did a superb job. 

In a year when almost everything else has been bumpy to say the least, they ran the election smoothly and, though it seems strange to say, hospitably. There was even free coffee and cake to greet the voters. The voting lines were processed in a matter of minutes. 

To all the people who ran the elections — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — a big “THANK YOU!” Whether you consider yourself to be a winner or loser today, we can all be grateful that the process in our community was handled so professionally by such good people in such good spirit.

Nina and Tim Zagat

Town of Pine Plains


Millbrook film free online

I thought it would interest your readers to know that the documentary, “Il Villaggio di Millbrook,” which my nephew and I produced in 2017 about the Italian-American community in Millbrook, has just gone on Amazon Video, and can be streamed on Amazon Prime free of charge.

Robert Hixon Hanson, the filmmaker, now teaches film at Blair Academy in Blairstown, N.J. Last June his full-length feature documentary about archery in Bhutan, “Kingdom of Archers,” premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival. He had just put on Amazon Video a 2013 TV series that he had done called “Nock Out” (also about archery) when he learned of the recent death of Town of Washington Councilman Al De Bonis, one of the “stars” of the Millbrook film. That news inspired him to put the Millbrook film on Amazon, too. 

“I made this documentary with my aunt several years, ago,” wrote Robert on his Facebook page, “and it’s very close to my heart. I’m excited to make it widely available.”  

Barbara Hanson Pierce

Salt Point

Robert Hixon Hanson

Blairstown, N.J.


‘The election process… is in excellent hands’

I always look forward to Election Day. Everything about it leaves me feeling a sense of pride, part of a greater whole and optimistic. Watching results come in inspires a sense of awe about the logistics. The poll workers are always helpful, knowledgeable and amiable.  

As Election Day approached this year, I was thinking about all of them, concerned for their well-being in the COVID-19 era, and how that might impact people’s ability to vote. Being healthy and able-bodied, I decided to volunteer. The official title was “Election Inspector.”

I was assigned to assist at Dover Town Hall. Throughout the process — training in Poughkeepsie, setup and Election Day in Dover — I was greeted by thoughtful people who are serious about the process. Long-time inspectors coached newbies. Critiques by the veterans focused on ways to improve setup, teardown and supplies for next time. 

The sight of neighbor greeting neighbor; election inspectors checking in then applauding first-time voters; Republicans and Democrats working together; and people being patient whilst waiting to vote was heartening. 

Difficult conversations are ahead but we should approach them confident that the election process in our county is in excellent hands.

Kevin McEvilly


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