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Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 1-5-23

Support families in need across the region

I tend to be rather quiet about which organizations Tent supports, but recently over family dinner I had an interesting conversation with my husband and twin girls about who benefits from that silence.  At the end of the discussion, my husband Michael said, “If you don’t let anyone know who you support, how will people learn about these worthy organizations and perhaps choose to donate to them too?”

Every year for the past couple of years, Tent has sponsored backpacks for the children of families served by the Food of Life Food Pantry in Amenia, N.Y.  Michael and I, along with our daughters, would put together approximately 150 backpacks filled, not with presents and toys, but with shampoo, socks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.  Basic essentials. Things these local kids really needed but didn’t have.

This year, in an effort to empower parents and families, the priest at St. Thomas’ suggested that, instead of creating the backpacks, Tent would simply donate a gift card to each family in order for them to buy what they would like for their children. 

Of course, this was a wonderful idea — but it presented a quandary.  Part of the joy for Michael and me has been the activity of putting together these special backpacks every year with our girls.  It has become part of our Christmas tradition and something we really enjoyed doing together as a family.  It was also important to us for our daughters to see how rewarding it is to make an effort to do something meaningful for others. In the end, we decided that this year we’ll have to find other things to do together because we believe that empowering families with the means to provide for their own children is a simple, yet much more powerful gift.

Food of Life Pantry is right here in our backyard and is a worthy cause in need of support. Tent is honored to sponsor this vital work and I encourage you to consider including Food of Life Food Pantry in your giving this year. I can guarantee first-hand that your donation, whatever the size, will have an immediate and lasting impact.

Go to https://stthomasamenia.com.

Darren Henault

Founder, Tent New York



How to celebrate 2023

As we see in the new year

We should be of good cheer

But our country is divided

And common sense derided

Elsewhere In the world it’s worse

Putin is the curse

Waging war just for his ego

His brain size of a mosquito

Here at home it’s no better

It’s time to send a letter

To Trump to report

At once to the court

To be sentenced to years in prison

So hope can be newly arisen

Now we march into twenty-three

Optimism must be the key.

Michael Kahler


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