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Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 9-3-20

Why isn’t the Amenia Town Board standing up to Silo Ridge?

I have some questions for the Amenia Town Board regarding the illegal helicopter landings in our town by the Silo Ridge development. Has anyone from the board spoken to the developers about this dangerous activity that is clearly prohibited by the zoning code? 

Does the board have no influence with the developers? Didn’t the board just reduce the tax assessment of the multi-million dollar homes in that development by one-third transferring the tax burden on to the rest of the homeowners in Amenia? Doesn’t the Silo Ridge sales office use the town parking lot for free? 

Since everyone knows that the helicopters are landing on Silo Ridge property, what is delaying the building inspector from dealing with this problem?  

If the existing law regulating helicopter landings does not have a penalty attached, is there some reason the board can’t amend that law?  

Isn’t there anyone in power who can stand up to this group of millionaires and billionaires locked within their private gated community who have no respect for the rest of the citizens of this town and make them obey the law? 

Ken Monteiro 


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