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Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 8-13-20

Great town Highway Department


On Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 4, Isaias paid many of us a quick but devastating visit. The storm brought way too much wind and not nearly enough rain. There are only 12 of us on Moadock Road. It’s a dead end street at the edge of town, adjoining Amenia and Pine Plains. By 3:15 that afternoon, our electricity was knocked out by a tree blown over onto a power line.  Several other trees were pushed down and lay across the road making it impassable, but they did not bring down any wires. 

A few hours later, the sun came out and so too did a road crew!  It was our very own Town of North East Highway Department checking up on us. They sawed up the downed trees, tossing their limbs to the side, making it possible for most of us to come and go now that the road was clear. This was essential for folks to get to work, to collect ice to keep our refrigerators somewhat chilled and to drive to other neighbors for internet service and showers. Our road crew left the tree dangling on the live wire to Central Hudson, which didn’t get here until three days later. 

And now, as I write this on the following Monday, our Highway Department is back. This time collecting and chipping the branches they cut down last Tuesday night. Wow. Thank you, Mr. [Robert] Stevens, ,for your and your crew’s quick work.  While we may be on the far edge of town, we’re clearly not at the far edge of your attention. We all appreciate it.

Jennifer Dowley


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