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Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 7-30-20

Lies in the Trump era


John Walters considers himself a conservative. As a liberal, that confuses me. The party of Trump seems to embody the opposite of traditional values.

I think the violence in Portland, Ore., has been greatly overblown. A two-block area around the courthouse with peaceful protest by day, and some fire-crackers and spray paint at night, is hardly the breakdown of law and order in all U.S. cities certain media outlets would have you believe. It is surely no justification for sending in federal troops, when the mayor and  governor do not want them. It seems “states’ rights” only apply in competing for face masks and ventilators.  

There were many occasions in American history when the “silent majority” has come to accept the demands of a vocal minority. Suffragettes demanding the right of women to vote immediately comes to mind. Unions demanding an end to child labor, African Americans seeking access to our public schools, gays wanting to marry, disabled folk looking to participate in daily life — all were opposed by a majority of Americans. Yet all advanced our constitutional rights. I’m hoping you are not opposed to those changes?   

It is ironic that someone so focused on obeying existing laws could support this lawless administration. Surely the self-enrichment, criminal behavior, flouting of international treaties, refusal of subpoenas, felony convictions and subsequent pardons ought to give you pause. Democratic ideals have been turned upside down, and Americans turned against each other. Is it a good thing that Trump has encouraged revival of the Klan and Nazi party? Do you know the terrifying term “Antifa” means “against Fascism?” Remember when conservatives weren’t “Pro-fa?”

And being a white guy does not presume you are racist. Black Lives Matter simply points out that over the past 400 years in America, Black lives often did not. Slavery was the foundation of capitalism here — our supply of “free” labor gave business the advantage that China now has. Since then, people of color have been terrorized, prevented from accumulating capital, kept out of neighborhoods and jobs. That was never a focus in my high school history classes.

You helped elect a non-politician to the presidency (who has proved utterly incapable of doing the job). He also is a compulsive liar, cheat, Russian pawn, friend to dictators, serial bankrupter and payer for sex. Trump is perhaps the most insecure (all about me), lazy (golf, golf, golf), ill-informed (briefings too hard), mean spirited (kids in cages), incompetent (pandemic response) man on our planet. Sorry, but Republicans have given up any sentimental claim to Old Glory. Let’s all VOTE and elect someone smart and honorable to lead us.

Leo J. Blackman 




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