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Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 4-9-20

A message from a Hillsdale nurse

Reports have been confusing and conflicting. We are learning more about how  COVID-19 affects people every day. Older people, and people with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, appear to be more at risk of developing severe symptoms. But this is not a disease limited to the old or infirmed. Roughly 35% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are under the age of 40.

Pointers for staying healthy:

Stay home. The safest way to avoid COVID-19 is to stay at home. Disinfect anything before bringing it inside. In fact, disinfect your home several times weekly — especially faucets and toilet handles.

Wash your hands every couple of hours even when you spend long stretches of time in your home (wash your hands long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” twice).

If you have long or artificial nails, cut them. They are germ pockets!

Wear gloves and masks when going out. Masks can be homemade. You don’t need a medical mask. Also, take out only your keys and a credit card (and keep them in a “dirty pocket”).

Discard gloves before touching the inside of your wallet or getting in your car. If a trash receptacle is not available, use a trash bag in your car.

Do not touch your face. When arriving home, strip off all outer clothes into a bag for wash and step straight into the shower.

Limit trips out to once or twice a week. Opt for delivery or curbside pickup.

Open your windows a couple of times a day to allow ventilation to cleanse the air.

If you have a cough, red eyes, fever, diarrhea or cold symptoms, please SELF-QUARANTINE IMMEDIATELY for 14 days. Don’t wait for a test.

Do not attend gatherings, even with close friends. Always keep 6 feet distance from others when you’re out. Assume that a person near you is infected, or that you yourself may be carrying the virus.

Start your car once a week to recharge its battery. Newer cars with their electronics will drain batteries faster.

If you have questions, please contact your primary healthcare provider.

Stay home. Stay safe. We will get through this.

Elizabeth Bledsoe

Nurse practitioner Hillsdale Healthcare


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