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A Health Assessment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) as a systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis that provides benefits such as improved organizational and community coordination and collaboration, better knowledge about public health and the ways it connects with other activities.

A vibrant awakening

Spring showers, emerging flowers — the awakening and rebirth of a new year. Mother Nature kindly stretching days into evenings. Multi-colored birds offer cheerful choirs of song to announce a new nesting season. Buds slowly unfurling to blossoms. National past-time sports kicking off new seasons. Outdoor activities in towns bustling.

Fundamental changes

There is perhaps nothing you need to create so fundamental as a home, a house, a place to live. There is something primitive and basic about construction, from laid stone to wooden beams to roofing to sheetrock and paint — anyone who lives anywhere either knows how their home was built or, indeed, can build and maintain the structure.

Caring for the caregivers

The baby-boomers are aging. The bulk of the baby-boomers are reaching the point where they are officially “old.” And old people, elders, need help: sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. And, boy, do they resent it. These are the people who raised families, built businesses, and ran the country.


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