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Catch Sunday Night Football at Four Brothers Drive-In

AMENIA — From screening family favorites and “Throwback Thursday” films to drawing spectators together for a night of unforgettable entertainment, the Four Brothers Drive-In Theatre has been pulling out all the stops these last few months to keep the community entertained throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Just in time for the fall sports season, the drive-in has taken it a step further by streaming Sunday Night Football on its main screen.

“We’ve always had the mind-set that it’s not just a theater for movies,” said John Stefanopoulos, one of the owners of the Four Brothers Drive-In Theatre. “We have the screen — it’s a tool to bring people together.”

Now that football fans are tuning in to catch the big game each week, Stefanopoulos pointed out that since sports are being viewed either on TV or on smaller screens, “we thought, what better way than to have it on a big screen?”

Starting Monday, Sept. 21, Stefanopoulos said the drive-in began selecting a couple of football teams to stream on the theater’s movie screen. In lieu of purchasing a ticket, spectators only need to buy food in order to gain admission and reserve a spot at the drive-in. Stefanopoulos noted that while viewers can show up to the drive-in, they can’t guarantee a spot.

For food, football fans have their choice of two food packages, a food voucher or ordering food online. Priced at $37, Food Package #1 includes a large one-topping pizza, a dozen wings and a 2-liter soda while Food Package #2 includes a large one-topping pizza, a large Greek salad, a dozen wings, a garlic bread and two 2-liter sodas for $59. For the $40 food voucher, spectators can come in and apply this credit toward their food order, spending a minimum of $40. Also for a minimum of $40, spectators can order online at www.playeatdrink.com and their food will be ready by the time the game begins.

With gates opening at 6 p.m., sports fans are encouraged to arrive early for the best parking and viewing. Following a live broadcast beforehand, the games will start around 8 p.m.

While the theater’s owners entertained the idea of hosting Monday Night Football on top of Sunday Night Football, they ultimately decided to stream football only on Sunday nights. Excited by the prospect of hosting another form of entertainment at the drive-in, Stefanopoulos said they’re hoping to offer the sports viewing for as long as they can.

“I think it brings people together,” he said. “That’s the goal the theater’s always had: To be able to find ways to bring people together safely, responsibly and in an entertaining way.”

For game announcements and other details, go to the Four Brothers Drive-In Theatre website at www.playeatdrink.com.

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