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Terry Sawall with captivating frogs among the many art works on view at her one-woman show at The Fountains. Photo by Judith O’Hara Balfe

Sawall’s frogs rule at her Fountains art show

MILLBROOK — Terry Sawall, who lives at The Fountains at Millbrook with her husband, Len, stays busy.

Sawall is President of The Fountains at Millbrook Resident Association (FMRA), loves traveling, and still finds time to develop a love of art and painting.

Her career was in management and leadership in various roles, but after moving to the Fountains, she watched her husband develop his art skills and decided to try her hand at it as well.  Her one woman art show is the result, and it’s fascinating.

Hung in the area nearest the auditorium, to the left are pictures of frogs — all colors, all shapes.

Sawall said she came across the frog idea at a yard sale, and she became obsessed. She started painting frogs and couldn’t stop. The collection is admirable, captivating, and if you love frogs, not to be missed. Her other works are hung to the right of the auditorium, and are eclectic; light houses, water scenes, fields, several different subjects; favorites of many, a portrait of a gray cat and a painting of red pandas. Sawall has talent, and a trip to the Fountains to see various art works and presentations is always fun.

The opening of Sawall’s show was on Saturday, Nov. 19, drawing a big crowd.

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