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Artist Ed Schurig stood with his sculpture depicting various aspects of 9/11, before, after and forever, at The Fountains in Millbrook. The art was on display for one day only as a tribute and a remembrance of the tragic day. Photo by Judith O'Hara Balfe

Remembering Sept. 11 through art at The Fountains

MILLBROOK — On a rainy afternoon, 21 years after the fact, an artist at The Fountains senior living facility in Millbrook named Ed Schurig displayed his tribute to the lives lost on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

This year on Sept. 11, The Fountains held an opening for his art show, a broad representation of many of his works. But the artwork that drew many viewers’ breath away included his paintings and sculpture, capturing the essence of the Twin Towers and reflecting on the  impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC — before, after and forever. It was the day’s focal point.

The paintings in the show are varied and exquisite, showing the towers.

But it’s the sculpture that most attending said really captivated them.

The sculpture is made of mostly metal, and depicts the Twin Towers after the first plane flew into it on 9/11. One can make out the skeletal remains of the towers after they burned, and the first responders as they set about to do whatever they could to help.

The sculpture is surrounded by 13 paintings, all having to do with 9/11.

Said Schurig, “When this happened, everyone needed to know how to adjust. For me, this was energetic and emotional. It took two years from start to finish. The towers were so beautiful; they are still there — in our hearts, in our minds — for some of us.”

Schurig’s 9/11 pieces have been shown in Beacon and in Poughkeepsie, but he said it has more meaning to him to exhibit at The Fountains.

Schurig came to The Fountains nine months ago with his wife. She died three months ago. Painting, he said, keeps him busy.

Schurig has painted all of his life; he’s now 86. His early years in Seaside, N.J., are evident in many of his paintings. His work includes images of lighthouses and the Palisades Amusement Park, where he worked as a young boy. Also among his artwork are intricate abstracts, farm scenes, city-scapes: there isn’t much the retired IBM senior buyer doesn’t paint.

Rounding out the program, which was presented by Sue Close, were harp music and songs by Donna Castaner, and reflections by The Fountains’ Rex Bridges, who noted how close people have become after 9/11.

The day of reflection and remembrance at The Fountains on Sunday conveyed a message of support and love for the victims of 9/11. It reminded people of the importance of ensuring that the horrific tragedy never be forgotten.

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