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The historic stained glass windows at Grace Church in Millbrook will be  conserved and then resituated, but first the church must raise another $40,000 for the total $75,000 cost of the project. Once the project is completed, the delicate panels will be able to be better viewed from the street. Photo by Judith O'Hara Balfe

Grace Church seeks funds to showcase stained glass window

MILLBROOK — A program at Grace Episcopal Church in Millbrook on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 12, spoke about the history of the church’s Resurrection Window. The window will shortly be transformed, if all goes well.

The window is on the Franklin Avenue side of the church. It boasts four glorious panels, but from the outside, one only sees the back of the window. The front of the window, inside the church, is behind and above the altar, tragically hidden by huge pipes from the church organ.

The window was made by American artist Maitland Armstrong, who lived in Rome where he was sent in 1869 as American Consul to the Papal States. An important stained glass artist and painter, Armstrong was actually from the Hudson Valley town of Newburgh and educated in Hartford, Conn., at Trinity College.

The four-paneled stained glass window was installed in 1912 as a memorial to John Daniel Wing and his wife. The historic piece of art glass was dedicated on Easter Sunday of that year.

Grace Church plans to change the panels and rotate them so the beautiful front pieces may be seen from outside of the church. The process will cost money, as the delicate glass must be protected and conserved while the position of the panels is changed. The church has saved $35,000 for the project, but will need to raise more funds to cover the full cost of $75,000.

It’s begun to fundraise toward that end, and is hoping for grants and private donations to help make up the $40,000 difference.

For more information on how to donate, or to arrange for a tour of the church and get a peek behind the organ to see this magnificent four-panel window — soon-to-be removed for conservation — contact the Rev. Matthew Calkins at 845-677-3064 or go to www.gracemillbrook.org.

— Judith O’Hara Balfe

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