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Dover author Mike Adamovic signed copies of his new book, “Hudson Valley History and Mystery,” and his first book, “Hudson Valley Reflections,” at Merritt Bookstore on a recent visit to the Millbrook mainstay. Photo submitted

A good read, a treasure hunt and secrets in the Hudson Valley

MILLBROOK — Most people like a good mystery. For those who also like hiking and hunting for treasure, author Mike Adamovic has a treat in store for you. His latest book, “Hudson Valley History and Mystery,” published in November 2020, is available at area bookstores, including Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, where he signed copies on Jan. 30.

The hardcover book shares tales from a wide range of natural and man-made sites in the region, from what he describes as “enigmatic stone structures and ancient petrolglyphs, to battlefields and haunted mountaintops and popular waterfalls.” One of his favorite sites, included in this book, is Dover Stone Church.

Read about the pirate Captain Kidd, Claudius Smith (a British loyalist who fought here with his band of so-called Cowboys during the American Revolution) and Dutch Schultz, a Pine Plains bootlegger from the days of Prohibition. 

Adamovic, a nature  photographer, has included photos of the sites he discusses, along with directions for getting to them.   

To create some excitement among readers, the author has hidden a cache of items, valued at around $200, at a location in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region. The book offers clues to its whereabouts. 

Adamovic challenges readers to use their codebreaking skills to decipher the mystery. He has also put the puzzle, complete with coordinates, on his Facebook page.

Born and raised in Dover, Adamovic has spent a lifetime hiking in this region. He studied environmental science at Manhattanville College and spends as much time out of doors as he can. 

He is fascinated by the mysteries, legends and superstitions surrounding many places here: Why do some of the entrances to caves and obscure stone chambers line up with the sun during equinoxes? How is it possible that there are stone structures weighing several thousand pounds on the tops of mountains?  

The photos in the book are also notable, and add depth to the tales. 

“I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble across some remarkable sights in the woods, which words alone are not apt to describe,” he said. “I enjoy being able to share these experiences with others via photography, an art form that provides the most accurate representation of the wonders of the natural world.”

Adamovic is also the author of “Hudson Valley Reflections: Illustrated Travel and Field Guide.” For his next book, he is researching the history of the Huguenots in the area. 

To get a clue about the whereabouts of the hidden treasure, send an e-mail to hudsonvalleytreasure@gmail.com.

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