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Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 2-22-18

Another tragedy: Why does nothing change?

On Saturday, I drove past town halls and fire stations with flags at half mast, for the 17 high school students and teachers killed last week in Florida. I returned home to receive “Work Week with Rep. Faso,” and his “Statement on the Shooting.” 

His “thoughts and prayers,” the same offered by EVERY Republican in Congress after EVERY mass shooting, do not seem to be working. At this point that phrase is more than meaningless — it is offensive. There is no excuse for continuing inaction by politicians. This is insane. There is no reason for citizens to possess an assault rifle. Period. No sportsman I know would use a military weapon to hunt deer. 

While I would prefer that all M-16s and AK-47s be confiscated, even the majority of NRA  members think they should be licensed. Why does nothing change? Because the manufacturers behind the NRA buy off our politicians. The thousands they have donated to Rep. Faso does not seem enough for him to ignore his constituents and enable another massacre of children. It is time for some courage, or a change in leadership.

Leo Blackman



A crowd came

On Sunday, Feb. 18, the Amenia Fire company held its monthly pancake breakfast. We were pleased to have a snow-braving crowd of 135 people in attendance to enjoy a hearty meal. 

We rely on the breakfast to raise much-needed money for general operations and we always appreciate the support of the community. 

We thank everyone who attends our meals throughout the year and we hope to see you again at the next one on March 18 at the firehouse.

Andy Murphy

on behalf of the Breakfast Committee Amenia Fire Company and Auxiliary



Please televise meetings

It is commendable that the town council of North East encourages the public to attend its meetings. However, my work schedule often requires me to work evenings and weekends. I am also a parent of small children. As such it is difficult for me (and I’m sure it is the same for many other residents here) to attend these meetings in person.  

Town Councilman John Midwood campaigned with a promise to record all council meetings and make them available to the public, and since his election has been trying to make this a reality. Currently the town has some funding already in place that was donated by Optimum for this exact purpose. 

I would welcome the opportunity to observe our local government at work via the web. And I imagine many other parents of young families, working people, and otherwise engaged citizens of North East feel much the same.

The majority of other towns in Dutchess County (including our neighbors in Amenia) offer video archives of their town government meetings, and a handful even offer live broadcasts on local cable or live streaming via the internet, as Councilman Midwood would like to do. 

An open and transparent government is critical to a functioning democracy. Let’s stand behind Councilman Midwood in his efforts to make our local government more accessible to us all and help him bring our town council into the 21st Century. 

Bryant Musgrove



Applauds Kessin’s efforts

How great would it be if The Millerton News dedicated two full pages, as it did to the wedding showcase in the Feb. 15 issue, to more important topics such as the ones that were the subject of Richard Kessin’s article in the same edition? 

As concerned citizens and  health care professionals committed to evidence-based practice methods, we applaud Kessin’s  effort to educate the public regarding certain words threatening to the CDC and other institutions that rely on public funding. 

In this era of tweets and fake news it is refreshing to read a column in The Millerton News which offers your readership information and perspectives on science and national policies that ultimately affect all citizens of the United States. 

Kristie Schmidt


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