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Legal Notices - The Lakeville Journal - 1-7-21




Pursuant to Sec 12-145 of the Connecticut State Statutes, the taxpayers of the Town of Salisbury are hereby notified that the third installment on the Grand List of October 1, 2019 is due and payable on January 1, 2021.

Pursuant to Section 12-71b of the Connecticut State Statutes, the Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax is due on January 1, 2021. Payments must be received or postmarked by February 1, 2021. If said Real Estate, Personal Property and Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes are not paid on or before February 1, 2021, interest at the rate of one and one half percent (18% per year) will be added for each month or a fraction thereof which elapses from the time when such tax becomes due and payable until the same is paid. Minimum interest charge is $2.00. Taxpayers who have applied for and have had applications (applications due by February 1, 2021)approved for Deferment per Executive Order No 9R for tax bills due and payable January 1, 2021, payment deadline is April 1, 2021, without interest.Taxes can be paid by mail addressed to: Tax Collector, P.O. Box 338, Salisbury, CT 06068 or may be dropped off in the drop box located in the vestibule of the Town Hall, 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday, or online at acipayonline.com, jurisdiction code 1759 (there is a fee for this service). NO CASH will be accepted.

Dated at Town of Salisbury CT this 21st day of December 2020.

Jean F. Bell, CCMC

Tax Collector

Salisbury CT 06068





NOTICE-Town of Canaan

(Falls Village)

The State of Connecticut is mandating that each of the 169 towns create a plan to achieve 10% affordable housing in their community.

The Town of Canaan(Falls Village) is taking applications for three community members to share their perspective by participating with an existing working group. The Task Team will draft a Municipal Affordable Housing Plan to be adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The group will meet via Zoom for 60-90 minutes once a month for 9 months beginning January 21, 2021 (time will be determined by consensus). There may be some work required between meetings, as well as collaboration with Planning & Zoning. The group will be led by a professional facilitator using a process guidebook provided by state.

The goal is to have a diverse cross-section of the community represented, with a specific need for renters, younger adults and parents of school-aged children to apply.

Applications are available at the Hunt Library, Falls Village Post Office and the Town website www.canaanfallsvillage.org. Applicants will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen.

Submit no later than 01/15/21 to:

ATTN: Selectmen, Town of Canaan, PO Box 47, 108 Main Street, Falls Village, CT 06031




Town of Canaan/

Falls Village

Notice to pay Taxes

 Pursuant to Sec. 12-145 of the Connecticut statutes, the undersigned Tax Collector of the Town of Canaan/Falls Village gives notice that she will be ready to receive Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes and the second installment of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes due January 1, 2021. Payments can be made via mail, online or dropped off at our secure drop box located at the Canaan/>Falls Village Town Hall, located at, 108 Main St., PO Box 47, Falls Village CT 06031.

Due to increase surge of COVID, the Office is NOT open to the public. Check Canaanfallsvillage.org for updates. Normal Office Hours in January Monday 9am-3pm & Wednesday 9am-Noon.

Payments must be received or postmarked by February 1, 2021 to avoid interest.

 Any unpaid balance after February 1, 2021 will be charged a temporary reduced rate of interest at 0.25% per month from January 1-March 31, 2021. This temporary reduced rate of interest only applies to the January 1 installment of taxes. This does not apply to any delinquent tax due from July 2020 or subsequent years.

On April 1, 2021 interest will be charged from January 1, 2021 at the rate of 1.5% for each month elapsing from the due date of the delinquent tax to the date of payment, with a minimum interest charge of $2.00. Sec. 12-146

Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of his/her responsibility for the payment of taxes or delinquent charges. Sec. 12-130. Dated at Canaan/Falls Village, Connecticut this 22nd day of December, 2020. 

Rebecca Juchert-Derungs

Canaan/Falls Village

Tax Collector




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