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Photo by Mark Niedhammer

Osprey spotted

Photographer and former Lakeville Journal Co. Classified Ad Manager Mark Niedhammer snapped this photo of  an osprey last week. “He’s eating a fresh fish dinner caught on Indian Lake,” Niedhammer reported; look carefully at the bird’s talons to see what that dinner looked like.

In what is being called a historic event, Rabbi Jon Haddon, left in photo, of Amenia’s Congregation Beth David, was welcomed by the Rev. Douglas Grandgeorge to preach the Oct. 10 service at Smithfield Presbyterian Church. Photo by Leila Hawken

A rabbi and a minister meet at the pulpit

AMENIA — Although it had never been done before in the 279-year history of The Smithfield Church in Amenia, there was no reason not to imagine that in the 21st century it could be done — and even that it should be done.

Volunteers at Sharon Audubon help in myriad ways, including  helping care for the Chimney Swifts, above. Photo Courtesy Sharon Audubon

Volunteering at Audubon in all seasons

There are infinite ways to get involved in the community by volunteering. Many volunteer opportunities are geared toward helping our friends and neighbors, during the good times in their lives (child care, ski jumping) and the hard times (food pantries, medical assistance).

Part of the sneakiness of poison ivy is that it’s hard to recognize, even though (of course) there are always three leaves. This small patch was photographed in August; the leaves were green not red (as sometimes happens). Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Leaves of three, let it be, or ‘you’re gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion’

One of many memorable pop novelty songs from the 1950s, “Poison Ivy” was particularly memorable for those with first-hand experience with this plant’s insufferable itch.


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