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Poets Corner

Once again, The Lakeville Journal will provide space to poets who feel inspired to share their thoughts with our readers. It’s been a while since we did this, but June seems like the perfect month to start again. The topics can be varied, but political opinion will remain under Letters to the Editor. Send poems to Janet Manko at publisher@lakevillejournal.com.




She stands with her hands full of rain

Fallen from still, cold, black stars

Watching from afar

Hoping, “This is where we are”

As the clouds move in in vain


She holds his hands full of rain

In a light night

In a lost fight

His virtue a simple, muted white

They are not all the same


They soil her hands full of reign,

“My soul for your flag”

Her depth in a bag

Tied neat with a tag

A spark with no flame


Their tiny little bully

Standing on the side of the road

In Lacrosse, Corona and Delacroix

Ghastly, savage wreckage

If they have one at all

It must be a very tiny bully

Rob Funkhouser


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