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The bears are back (or perhaps there are new bears). The Rev. Marilyn Anderson shared this photo of a bear in a tree near her Lakeville home. Photo by the Rev. Marilyn Anderson

Big bear sighting in Lakeville

Perhaps it’s not the same bear that has been seen wandering around near Horsehoe Lane in Lakeville in past years. But either it is the same bear, or that section of Lakeville is particularly attractive to the large fur bears, as they are known by the state biologists.

The large animal does seem to have some trepidation about coming into contact with smaller fur bears, such as the dogs who sent this bear running for cover in a tree.

“Big excitement in Lakeville,” said the Rev. Marilyn Anderson of the bear v. dog incident, which happened near her Horseshoe Lane home on Sunday, April 11.

“It was a beautiful, large animal with an orange ear tag — and a nice glossy coat from eating everyone’s bird seed,” she reported. 

— Cynthia Hochswender

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