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A large black bear lumbered around the Undermountain/Route 41 area in Salisbury last Wednesday, May 13. Bear sightings have been plentiful in the region this month. Photo by James H. Clark

Beware of the black bears, they are out and about

Bears are definitely done with hibernation and are now busy ambling around residential areas and crossing major roads at all hours of the day. 

Area residents are emphatically reminded that they should not leave bird seed or garbage or compost out unless they don’t mind having a big ursine visitor take a swat at it and possibly come back for frequent meals. 

In recent years it has not been uncommon for the bears even to enter homes, where they can be dangerous and very messy.

Lakeville Journal Co. Production Coordinator James Clark took this photo of a large bear near his Salisbury home on Wednesday, May 13, in the middle of the day.

His two young daughters were home and, naturally, “They loved seeing it.”

A nearby neighbor was not as excited. She out into her yard and, from about 20 feet away from the animal, she yelled at it to go away.

“It then doubled back, across Route 41 and headed into the woods toward Cobble Road,” Clark said.

Although the black bears are not usually aggressive toward humans, it’s generally not a good idea for humans to be aggressive toward the bears. Always be cautious around them.

If a bear becomes a nuisance and returns often and does property damage or feels like a threat to animals or children, call the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). Learn about how to react to bears and how to seek state intervention at the DEEP website at www.portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Wildlife/Nuisance-Wildlife/Living-with-Black-Bears.

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