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Turning back the pages

100 years ago — August 1921

SALISBURY — Lester Hoysradt recently took a load of young ladies accompanied by the Rev. and Mrs. C.S. McClellan and Charles Coons Jr. to Norfolk for the purpose of blueberrying. They had great success, filling pails and baskets and had an enjoyable time generally.

Poets Corner: A Haiku

The Japanese style for Haiku follows a 5-7-5 structure on a tercet, so the first and third lines have five syllables and the second line has seven syllables. It’s my pleasure to recount the path I took to Haiku. In 2013, I became certified in Reiki, which is a form of energetic healing with Japanese roots.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — August 1921

SALISBURY — Twenty two friends of Nettie Morey met at her home Saturday afternoon to celebrate her tenth birthday. After several games had been played, the birthday cake was cut. A gift of money was found in one of the pieces. Many pretty and useful presents were received.


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