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Poets Corner

Aunt Jemima

The setting: The Board Room of The Hartford Stage 1951.

Present: Board Members, all white men and one Black woman, Gwen Reed. She takes over.



I am humbled to accept your appointment of me

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — August 1921

Salisbury was honored on Thursday last by a visit from James Hartness, Governor of Vermont, who, with his wife and a member of his staff called upon old time friends at Sunny Slopes. Governor Hartness was much pleased with Salisbury.


SVAS: Thanks for 50 years

What could make a person want to spend many hours of their own time preparing through intensive training to perform a free service to their neighbors, 24/7, that is paid in many other larger communities? W. Rees Harris knew, as did John Harney Sr. and all the other original members of the Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service.


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