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A few months back on Twitter, some wag suggested that you can cause a great disturbance in the Force — and provide moments of serious fear and confusion — by taking almost any Wikipedia article about the world today and putting the descriptions of the key things in it in the past tense.

I investigated. And it’s true.

Thank you for not hugging me

My time has come. Unfortunately, it took a global pandemic to make it happen. Social-distancing, sheltering-in-place, self-quarantine. We now have a name for what apparently has been my lifestyle. I like being at home. I really don’t enjoy traveling. Vacations? Like fresh fish, I’m good for three days.

The challenges only increase

There are so many struggling with the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with few well-defined paths to good outcomes right now. The time is unique, but it gives us some feeling of control and comfort, it seems, to compare it to other times and look for historic ways of coping that have worked before and might work now.


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