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‘A Raven’s Lament’

Levity was absent.

Lousy it was to complement; it was my demise.

It was not unknown for me to leave this perch

Enter some great church, a cathedral more to my

personality than one might think, the graveyards I

frequented though.

Why risk the identify an old gravestone could hide well its

calling card.

No one much cared for my antics, ignored, an uncaged

actor not well up on the irony of other performances,

After all, a raven as I might be, not quite as free as you


With each flight lower and lower I would sink.

My eyes began to lose their gloss as another’s blue eyes

would curse mine into dullness, a lifeless sheen,

Flight would no longer be tolerable,

Drooping and graying wings, thinning feathers,

A cursed airfoil, make for less pleasure.

I am sorrowful.

Wayne Farrington

North Canaan


Change of seasons

Summer drawing to a close

The pace of life slows

Ready for the beauty of fall

To see the colored leaves sprawl

Then is time for thanksgiving décor

Sheaves and Pumpkins and leaves on the floor

Enjoy the waning sun with a glass of cider to hand

And see the changes to the land

Prepare for winter it is nigh

Firewood piled high

Buy the chestnuts ready to roast

Then its time for Marley’s ghost

Michael Kahler


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