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There is a CIA report on a paranoid psychopath

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Many Americans do not understand the CIA. The primary role of the CIA is to gather information, conduct analysis and evaluation, and, always, provide leaders with background information necessary to govern around the world. If you go to the CIA web site, you can find incredible, de-classified, reams of reports on everything from the economy of distant countries or cities, to the availability of water in desert regions, to maps of sea lanes.

In the middle of World War II, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS – that was renamed the CIA after the war), ordered respected psychologists from Harvard, the New School, and the N.Y. Psychoanalytic Institute to study and report on the psychological profile of Adolf Hitler. So-called the Langer Report, a copy was found in the dusty library of Cornell long after it was declassified in 1968.

In 1943, it was critical that the U.S. study Adolf Hitler’s personality to try to predict his behavior. In the eventual 229-page report, Hitler was described as a paranoid “utter wreck” who was “incapable of normal human relationships.” Part of the conclusion was, “It is forever impossible to hope for any mercy or humane treatment from him.” Prophetic words considering what we learned subsequently of the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities.

What is interesting, is that the fascist movement in Europe relied on these same traits to further their aims, aiding and abetting Hitler to achieve goals they wanted, especially wealth and power. The OSS report evaluated the enemy’s leader, stating that Hitler’s tactics (and behavior) were to never admit wrongdoing, never concede that anyone other than himself was good in any way, never accept blame for any of his actions only claim credit for any such actions, never allow the public acclaim or idolatry to cool off, and use big lies rather than small ones and repeat those frequently because more people will believe big lies more than small ones. The report further stated that such a person treads a path towards ideological immortality, eventually, when the tide turns, will seek the greatest vengeance on a world he despises if it doesn’t worship him. For Hitler, the carnage of the last two years of a failing war saw him authorize and demand extermination camps and atrocities in increasing numbers.

As you read the above, a brief history lesson, remember that history has a way of repeating. The very deeply troubled state of Hitler’s mind can be seen repeated in today’s world all too often. Look for traits and be wary, very wary of allowing appeasement for those who may not be capable of any normal traits or behavior and for the ongoing damage they are psychotically compelled to mete out, whilst their supporters still seek to manipulate for personal advantage.


Peter Riva, a former resident of Amenia Union, now lives in New Mexico.

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